Welcome to Fortune Model Products! We are a
rapidly growing company specializing in radio
control models. We are now entering our 5th
year in business serving R/C modelers
worldwide. Watch this page for all future NEW
product releases. Make sure to visit our
page for all of our existing products.
Trex 600 vertical and horizonal fin sets

Special 3D set coming soon too.

FMP1162   Vertical fin only       $8.50
FMP1163   Horizontal fin only  $5.50
FMP1164   Veritical and horizontal      
                       fin set                     $12.95
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Adjustable servo arm
wheels. Sub trim will
no longer be
necessary! Gives a
perfect mechanical
set up!

FMP1165            $2.75
FMP1173                Trex600 canopy standoff with
               Trex600 canopy standoff with
              Trex600 canopy standoff with
               Trex600 canopy standoff with
             Trex600 canopy standoff with
During agressive 3D manuevers, the canopy can become
loose and even come off, often resulting in a crash! The
new FMP canopy standoff's and canopy screws work
together to hold the canopy tight preventing movement
during flight.
Trex600 Canopy standoffs and
canopy screws
TREX 600 "TREX" vertical fin
Show off your Trex600 with this
new "TREX" vertical fin.

FMP1178                $9.95
Prices subject to change without notice
CNC aluminum tail boom brace

Increases strength of tail boom and improves tail rotor gyro holding power. Includes all
mounting hardware and color matching tie wraps.  A must for nitro and electric powered
helis. Available in
Red and Blue. Looks awesome on Trex600 with either metalic Red or
Blue tail booms!
FMP1215-Red                                                                                                Price $22.95
CNC Tail boom brace bridge
Trex700 canopy screws with standoffs!!!
NOW Available!!!  3 point swashplate levels for Trex600 and Trex700!!!
Now Available!!! Three point swashplate
leveling tools for Trex600 and Trex700

Each 3 point swashplate level is CNC
machined using the lastest in CNC
machinery. Close tolerence requirements
insure the most accuracy possible.

Makes a great companion tool to use with
bubble level swashplate tools.

For Trex600 use FMP1232            $23.95
For Trex700 use FMP1233            $23.95
Tired of scratching your beautiful canopy with the stock canopy clips? Tired of splitting the
canopy when your trying to streach it over the stock canopy studs? No longer is that a

Now avaialable! Trex700 canopy screw kits in your favorite colors with CNC aluminum
standoffs. Each kit is supplied with 4 CNC aluminum standoff's and 4 colored canopy
FMP1234                Trex700 canopy standoff with
               Trex700 canopy standoff with
              Trex700 canopy standoff with
               Trex700 canopy standoff with
             Trex700 canopy standoff with
Special 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing
Special 3 to 1 high shrink rate heat shrink tubing is the perfect choice for securing servo and extension  connectors. Each 2"
piece of 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing shrinks to form a lock around the connector making it impossible for the connector to
unintentionally be disconnected. Also, helps to seal against fuel and oil for exposed wiring and connectors such as gyros
and tail rotor servos.

Special 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing can also be used to capture important information concerning servos or connections.
Simply write info on white 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing using a fine line marker. Special heat shrink tubing require only heat
available from hobby type covering heat guns for shrinkage.

FMP1230                3/8" , 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing- 5 pcs per package, Black           $3.25
FMP1231                3/8" , 3 to 1 heat shrink tubing- 5 pcs per package, White           $3.25