Perfect for attaching to glow plugs for remote start systems. Also used on battery chargers, power
panels, electric starters, etc. Each package include 2 alligator clips and one red and one black  vinyl
protective cover.

FMP1139 $3.00
You'll never be stranded again with a dead battery on your power panel. With these special
alligator clips you be able to connect direct to any battery or suitable power source.

2 per pack, one black and one red. ( Banana plugs not included)

FMP1138 $4.50
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Alligator Clips
Medium size alligator clips.
Alligator clips with built in banana female jack
Have you ever been at the field an wanted to fly just one more flight
but only to discover your starter battery is dead? These FMP special
alligator clips are a must for every field box! Simply insert starter lead
banana plugs into special alligator clips and attach to any suitable
power source! No more missed flying opportunities!!!