FMP Heli Hardware kit
The new FMP heli hardware kit contains 240
pieces of the most common heli hardware parts all
contained in it own re-sealable storage box. All
socket head bolts are grade 12.9, the strongest
metric hardware available. Perfect for both field and

FMP1127                           Retail price $29.95.

Fortune Model Products,LLC
7610 Broken Hickory Dr
Walls, Ms 38680
Servo mounting kits

No longer do you have to fiddle with those tiny plastic servo nuts only to drop them inside the frames!
Each servo is now held in place with 4 screws and locknuts! No longer is the servo security and screw
tightness dependent on each other. The screw outside diameter and servo grommet inside diameter
are very close allowing you to tighten the lcoknuts so the tension on the eylet and grommet is perfect
but the servo is still held securely. Servo can be removed in seconds for maintenance such as gear
replacement and then replaced is the exact same location.

Use FMP1219 for mounting one servo. Kit includes 4-ea screws, 4-ea washers, 4-ea plain nuts and 4-
ea locknuts.                                                                                                                           
Price $5.95


Use FMP1220 for mounting 5 servos. Kit include 20 screws, 20 washers, 20 plain nuts and 20
Price $15.95