Lead blade balancing tape
We all know that vibration is the silent killer to our machines. This vibration comes from several sources
including the main and tail rotor blades. In order to remove this vibration, we much be able to balance
these blades. In the past this meant cutting and drilling into the rotor blades.

Now, this can be done with FMP blade balancing tape. No more cutting and drilling and gluing weights
into the blade.

FMP lead blade balancing tape is only .007 (7 thousands) thick but yet still weighs about 1/2 gram per
inch. Now the blade weight, cord wise and span wise CG can be matched exactly in just a few moments.

Each package contains 2 feet of lead balancing tape.

FMP1128     $5.95                               Free Shipping!!!
Each package
contains 2 feet
of lead
balancing tape.
balancing tape
is only .007
thick. That's
almost as thin
as blade
tracking tape!
Two pieces about
1" long was these
blades into perfect
weight, span wise
and cord wise
center of gravity!
Now these blades
do not cause any
regardless of what
speed their turning!
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