Radio and Battery straps
With today’s extreme 3D maneuvers, it’s not uncommon to find that the radio equipment has moved
or even come completely loose during flight. FMP now has the answer!

FMP radio straps have been made to correct this problem!

Use 3/4"x6" radio straps to hold LiPo batteries in small helicopters like the Trex450. Can also be
used to hold radio battery in Trex600 helicopters.

Use the ¾” x 12” Radio straps to hold batteries or individual gyro amplifiers or receivers. Also, 3/4"x
12" straps are used to hold flight battery in Trex600 helicopters. FMP radio straps can even be used to
help secure gyro should attaching tape fail.

Use the 1” x 18” strap to hold receiver and gyro together without subjecting them to the weight and
force of the battery pack during extreme maneuvers.

Radio straps are available in the following colors:
3/4"x 6"-Red,Blue, Black and Neon Yellow
3/4” x 12”-Red,Blue, Black and Neon pink.
1”x 18”-Red, Blue, Black, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Neon Yellow and Neon Orange.
3/4"x6" radio and LiPo batterystraps
3/4" X 12" Radio Straps
1" x 18" Radio Straps
Black-2 per pack

FMP1134 $$4.50
Blue-2 per pack

FMP1135 $$4.50
Red-2 per pack

FMP1136 $$4.50
Neon Yellow-2 per

FMP1137 $$4.50

FMP1095  $$3.50

FMP1096    $3.50

FMP1097    $3.50
Neon Pink

FMP1098     $3.50

FMP1100 $$4.50

FMP1099 $$4.50

FMP1101 $$4.50
Neon Orange

Neon Green

FMP1103     $4.50
Neon yellow

FMP1105     $4.50
Neon Pink

FMP1104     $4.50
3/4" x 6" radio strap holding radio LiPo
battery on Trex600 helicopter.
3/4" x 6" radio strap holding battery in
Trex450 helicopter.
3/4" X 12" Radio strap used to hold NiCad
battery on radio tray.
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